General terms and conditions

1. Damage

Please notify us if something is defective so that we can repair or replace it. Damage or contamination caused by the tenant will be charged. 

2. Liability

 We assume no liability for personal effects and valuables stored in your room/apartment or at the cloakroom. Parents are also asked to supervise their children on public grounds, gardens and other places. 

3. Check-In and Check-Out

You can move into your room/apartment from 15.00 o’clock. If you arrive earlier, please contact us. You should leave the room/apartment by 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure. If you depart later, you are welcome to keep your luggage with us.

4. Conclusion of contract, terms of payment 

 A contract between the lessee and the lessor shall be deemed concluded when either a contract signed by the lessee has been received by the lessor or the reservation has been agreed in writing by the lessor and the lessee. The deposit and the balance will be stated in the contract. If the signed contract or the deposit is not received by theLessor by the agreed date, the Lessor may, without further notice and without being liable for compensation, rent the object to another party. Unless otherwise agreed, payment of the rent must be made to the account (Berner Kantonalbank) no later than 10 days before the commencement of the rental period. 

5. Incidental expenses 

The additional costs (such as electricity, gas, heating, final cleaning, laundry service, etc.) are included in the rental price, unless expressly stated in the contract in the agreement. State taxes such as visitor’s tax are usually included in the rental price. 

6. Handover of the rental object & complaints 

The rented object is handed over to the lessee in a clean and contractual condition. The rented object shall be deemed to have been handed over in perfect condition unless the lessee notifies the lessee otherwise immediately after moving into the rented object. If the tenant takes over the object late or not at all, the entire rent remains owed. 

7. Careful use

The tenant undertakes to use the rented property with care, to observe the house rules and to show consideration for other residents and neighbours. The landlord/key holder must be informed immediately of any damage etc.. The maximum number of persons allowed to occupy the rented property is that specified in the contract. Subletting is not permitted.The tenant is responsible for ensuring that the flatmates comply with the obligations of this contract and the house rules. If the tenant or roommate violates the obligations of careful use in a blatant manner or if the rental object is occupied by more than the contractually agreed number of persons, the landlord/keyholder may terminate the contract without notice and compensation. 

8. Return of the rented property

The rented property must be returned on time in good condition and clean and tidy with inventory. The tenant is liable for damages and missing inventory.

9. Cancellation

The decisive factor for the calculation of the cancellation fee is the arrival of the notification at the landlord or at the booking office (the next working day applies on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

10. Force majeure, etc.

If force majeure (environmental catastrophes, natural disasters, official measures,etc.), unforeseeable or unavoidable events prevent the rental or its continuation, the lessor is entitled (but not obliged) to offer the lessee an equivalent replacement object to the exclusion of replacement claims. If the service cannot be rendered or cannot be rendered in full, the amount paid or the corresponding share shall be refunded to the exclusion of further claims.

11. Liability 

The landlord is responsible for a proper reservation and contract-compliant fulfillment of the contract. The liability is excluded for failures on the part of the tenant, unforeseeable or unavoidable failures of third parties,force majeure or events which the landlord, key holder, agent or other persons called in by the landlord could not foresee or avert despite due care. The tenant is liable for all damages caused by him or co-users, the fault is presumed. 

12. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Swiss law is applicable. The exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be the location of the rental property.